Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Perspective and Accuracy

i've been trying to boost up my perspective skills and been drawing (practising) in my home town, so far have one finished drawing only, but its very precise and accurate and it took me 6 days to draw - very close to 23 hours of work in total (not all in one go).

i haven't done perspective in a while so i was taking my time in remembering all the lessons and details that could be useful and still can't remember all of them but did some of the things in my own way and they seemed to work fine as well. so my lesson for the day: if you can cheat - do it. 

(btw: this is a place called Blenheim Palace, which is in UK. i have been there many times now and it is an amazing place to go to, to enjoy a day out with a family and loved ones, or if you want to get away and be inspired - its a place for you!)

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