Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Self Portraits

I have also started doing self portraits. I've never done much self drawing before, and all the drawings feel alien and unfamiliar. None of the look like me either. I am experimenting with various techniques and trying different things, to see if any of them would be easier and quicker to use while drawing, and I am also trying to use different mapping techniques and measuring techniques, trying to understand the way my face is really built and constructed. So basically, there is a lot of self exploration going on and not a lot of drawing.

Here are a couple of examples:

Recent Life Drawing

I have started Life Drawing again recently. Feeling very rusty and the drawings are coming out very stiff and lifeless. But it's something. Here are some of the drawings:

Monday, August 18, 2014

Something New

So I have started working on my own stuff again, so here is a first art of a little project I  will be working on.

I have decided to create a little layout. It's an ancient temple on a floating island. Mainly taking inspiration from an Asian part of our world - Japanese and Chinese, but nothing too specific, making a lot of things up as I go.

Here are two main designs side by side:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Back to Life Drawing

Recently has been getting back into life drawing since I got back to Uni. These are the most recent studies I've done.

these were done in one of the Life Drawing Classes at my university; techniques used: Mono printing.

Below are some of the sketches i've done while away in Budapest one weekend in March and the others done on a coach to London while i was on an internship.

 The last couple of images are paintings of the sketches i've done on the coach.

 I have also been studying clothing and fabric. some of these were done on life drawing sessions in class and some in location drawing.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


these are a few other concepts of the ideas i had for my pitch. Some of these concepts are relevant to the idea that i will pitch and some are of other ideas that are no longer in development but it's nice to drop them down on 'paper' anyway.

These are all painted in the style of Pascal Campion. I absolutely adore his work and the style is very relevant to my own pitch so i decided to try and adapt it to my own work. I haven't done any 'artist studies' as of yet i started painting straight in his style but might do a couple of studies later on.

 This one is called Father and Daughter. it would have been a tale of childhood innocence and hardship of life.
Father: 30 y-o. Full time job: Astronaut
Daughter: 3-5 y-o. Full time job: Child

Silhouettes and Concepts

 These two concepts are relevant to the pitch idea that i will pitch in September. Two characters involved.

Cockroach: 35 y-o (human years). 6"Ft tall. Loves: eating.
Granny: 70 y-o. 5"Ft tall. Loves: Her Cheese.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

R. Tobias - '20 Master Plots' Update!

So, i have received the book yesterday and i have already started reading it. So far so good...

in the beginning it goes on talking about the difference between the story and the plot and how important it is to understand what one and the other is and how to apply that in your writing.

i have found the book very easy to read, with simplistic writing style and quite interesting. the examples that R. Tobias talks about in the book are also very simply put and easily understandable which makes the book that more appealing.

I have found the book very helpful when coming up with my idea for a short animation film. My understanding of writing and development of the plot has improved dramatically since I've read the book. Once i have found out what kind of genre my plot was going to be i have applied the suggested techniques to my plot and it has improved my story.

Very helpful book, and very well written. I will suggest anyone who is a beginner or even an experienced writer to have a look at the book and you never know, you might learn something you didn't know before!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Granny Character - Body Designs

i have thought about the characters some more and have come to a conclusion that for the story that i'm going for - a child (or young) character would be quite 'safe' or obvious choice. so i have been brain storming more ideas and have come up with some older characters (mainly female) which i think would be funnier and more intriguing for the story.

After i have done some character designing for granny i particularly liked the two that have been selected on the page below. to these two heads i have been designing some bodies that would suit the head. 

Here are some examples of what I've done.

the reason why i have chosen two designs and not one is because i like them both and they are both a complete opposite of one another. one is quite innocent and happy and quirky(left) and the other is very serious and agitated/angry.

I don't know which one exactly i am going to go for but according to my pitch idea the character is supposed to be happy or more peaceful perhaps and then as story progresses the character will get outraged, feisty and ready to fight.


I have started thinking about colour and style. below you will see some of the colour and style tests that i have done using the character designs from the image above.

Style - very paint-y and quite flat at times

Try-out 1:

I have had some time away from the painting and when i came back to it i have realised a very important point. this is a great style but it is way too complicated for an animation that i have in mind. taking into consideration everything else that will have to be done it will be pretty much impossible to main the animation throughout in this time in the amount of time that we will have. i will have to revisit it later and see what i can do about simplifying it.

this is the end result with all the different styles together on one page where it's easy to compare and choose. i like the one in the top left corner probably the most, although the one below and to the right of it (in yellow dress) looks quite appealing as well, very interesting character on its own.

(the research and the references for the styles that im adapting/imitating i have posted in a previous post)

(if you are wandering what the story is i haven't posted my idea anywhere on the blog yet and probably wont until much much later in the year. but keep an eye out for more designs and development as you might even guess or 'read' the story if you follow the development closely)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Script writing for short films

I have been suggested a book by a friend and a co-worker, who has been working on developing a story for a short film/animation, and who has hound this book very helpful.

the book is called '20 master plots' by Ronald Tobias. i have ordered the book and at the moment am waiting everyday by the door like an obedient puppy - waiting for it to arrive.

as i havent read it yet i cannot say for myslef if i found it any good or helpful but as soon as i get it and start reading i can post an update on what it is about and how helpful it exactly is.

there are many copies you could buy online, and they arent expensive.


if you cant wait for an update or want to read it for yourself there is a link above where you can buy it for decent prices (new or used).

Tips and tricks for Animators


this is a website where even experienced animators and artists could find their way through the articles and find themselves learning new things and ideas.

if you are in the middle of developing your ideas for pitching a film or if you just need some tips this is a website for you. i have found it very helpful and to whomever is struggling with character design or anything else could find a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Perspective and Accuracy

i've been trying to boost up my perspective skills and been drawing (practising) in my home town, so far have one finished drawing only, but its very precise and accurate and it took me 6 days to draw - very close to 23 hours of work in total (not all in one go).

i haven't done perspective in a while so i was taking my time in remembering all the lessons and details that could be useful and still can't remember all of them but did some of the things in my own way and they seemed to work fine as well. so my lesson for the day: if you can cheat - do it. 

(btw: this is a place called Blenheim Palace, which is in UK. i have been there many times now and it is an amazing place to go to, to enjoy a day out with a family and loved ones, or if you want to get away and be inspired - its a place for you!)