Saturday, April 13, 2013


these are a few other concepts of the ideas i had for my pitch. Some of these concepts are relevant to the idea that i will pitch and some are of other ideas that are no longer in development but it's nice to drop them down on 'paper' anyway.

These are all painted in the style of Pascal Campion. I absolutely adore his work and the style is very relevant to my own pitch so i decided to try and adapt it to my own work. I haven't done any 'artist studies' as of yet i started painting straight in his style but might do a couple of studies later on.

 This one is called Father and Daughter. it would have been a tale of childhood innocence and hardship of life.
Father: 30 y-o. Full time job: Astronaut
Daughter: 3-5 y-o. Full time job: Child

Silhouettes and Concepts

 These two concepts are relevant to the pitch idea that i will pitch in September. Two characters involved.

Cockroach: 35 y-o (human years). 6"Ft tall. Loves: eating.
Granny: 70 y-o. 5"Ft tall. Loves: Her Cheese.

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