Thursday, March 7, 2013

R. Tobias - '20 Master Plots' Update!

So, i have received the book yesterday and i have already started reading it. So far so good...

in the beginning it goes on talking about the difference between the story and the plot and how important it is to understand what one and the other is and how to apply that in your writing.

i have found the book very easy to read, with simplistic writing style and quite interesting. the examples that R. Tobias talks about in the book are also very simply put and easily understandable which makes the book that more appealing.

I have found the book very helpful when coming up with my idea for a short animation film. My understanding of writing and development of the plot has improved dramatically since I've read the book. Once i have found out what kind of genre my plot was going to be i have applied the suggested techniques to my plot and it has improved my story.

Very helpful book, and very well written. I will suggest anyone who is a beginner or even an experienced writer to have a look at the book and you never know, you might learn something you didn't know before!


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