Monday, March 4, 2013

Script writing for short films

I have been suggested a book by a friend and a co-worker, who has been working on developing a story for a short film/animation, and who has hound this book very helpful.

the book is called '20 master plots' by Ronald Tobias. i have ordered the book and at the moment am waiting everyday by the door like an obedient puppy - waiting for it to arrive.

as i havent read it yet i cannot say for myslef if i found it any good or helpful but as soon as i get it and start reading i can post an update on what it is about and how helpful it exactly is.

there are many copies you could buy online, and they arent expensive.

if you cant wait for an update or want to read it for yourself there is a link above where you can buy it for decent prices (new or used).

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